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Panch Tulsi Ras
Herbal Juice boosts your immune system, improves digestion, and keeps allergies and illnesses at bay. By treating allergies and irritations, the skin can regain its lustrous appearance. They are combined with anti-oxidants, which ensure that harmful poisons are removed from the body.
Herbal Syrups
Herbal Syrups can also be used for physical and mental well-being, tension and stress relief, mood alterations, and more. They are very effective and safe to consume. They are easy to use and is free from any added harmful chemicals.
Herbal Capsules
Herbal Capsules can also be used to treat constipation, pain, and as relaxants and stimulants. They are typically regarded as being both safe and effective. As a result, individuals are increasingly turning to herbal therapy, believing that plant cures are free of harmful side effects.
Joint Pain Medicine
Joint Pain Medicine are primarily designed to relieve pain in the body. These medications aid in the relief of pain associated with bone fractures, muscle strains, arthritis, bone cancer, ligament injuries, joint or back discomfort, and so on. They are very effective as well as economical and safe to use.
Ayurvedic Hair Oil
Ayurvedic Hair Oil offered, not only strengthens hair roots, but it also helps to lower blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems. Oiling the scalp, in turn, is considered as a rejuvenation method, as it helps to extract any excess doshas that accumulate in the brain.
Protein Powder
Protein Powder is highly digested and fast absorbed. When combined with strength training, whey protein is a great way to promote muscle growth and maintenance. It could be especially beneficial for patients with type 2 diabetes. In those with high blood pressure, this proteins may help to lower it.
Ayurvedic Sharbat
Ayurvedic Sharbat is an excellent pacifier of the vatta-pitta dosha. This Sharbat is a natural and tasty coolant that can be purchased online. Dehydration, weariness, thirst, and a burning sensation can all be helped with this juice. This is very safe to consume and provides multiple of nutrients and antioxidants.
Skin Medicines
Skin Medicines are both safe and effective, and there may be special formulas for sensitive skin and other ailments. They can help to improve the texture and appearance of your skin while also protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun, pollution, and other environmental factors.
Ayurvedic Cream
Ayurvedic Cream have a medium glide and are usually absorbed slowly, despite the fact that they are nourishing to the skin. They are completely risk-free to use. They are cost-effective and easily accessible at low pricing. They are safe to use and has no harm on your body parts.
Brain Medicine
Brain Medicine are used to treat mental illnesses. These medications treat mental diseases brought on by nerve system problems. Our medicines are incredibly cost-effective, and our people may readily obtain them at low prices. They should be taken as per the doctors advice and prescription.
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer have 60-70 percent alcohol in them, which helps to protect your hands from viruses. They contain a fragrant scent that keeps your hands safe while also making them smell nice. They are quite economical to use. They are widely used by people, in the market during various places to keep them protected.