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... for a variety of health benefits and warding off ailments. Mentioned below is the gamut of products offered by us:

  • Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Liver Syrups
  • Herbal Syrups
  • Liver Tonics
  • Giloy Juice
  • Neem Karela Juice
  • Herbal Syrups


... The purest herbal sources and plant derivatives in synthesizing our range of medicines and health care supplements, which makes them one of the purest ones available. All our products are manufactured in strict adherence to the standards laid by EGMP Compliance, which are then made to undergo a stringent quality checking process wherein factors such as composition, compound stability and effectiveness are tested and verified by certified pharmacy experts, prior to their commercial launch and mass availability, which has amassed the loyal patronage of satisfied customers.

Our Business Values

Our core business values include upholding high quality standards and offering products that satisfy address individual necessities of our customers. We believe in providing products that are value for money. Fair business policy is adopted and transparency in business dealings is observed to retain customers. We imbibe these strong business values in our employees and invigorate them to perform their best by offering them a challenging work environment. Further, we ascertain that delivery of products is performed in a time bound manner.

Manufacturing, Research and Development

... Business acumen but also vast expertise of the domain with apt safety precautions going hand in hand. We are blessed with the aforementioned virtues and have a fairly advanced manufacturing facility which is accoutered with some latest versions of machines such as Juice press, Edge Runners and Extruding Machines. Every processing step starting from formulation to analytical testing is done in an in-house manner, which offers us better control of the processing stages and a stronger grip over necessary alterations to made in the composition. Furthermore, there are dedicated quality testing and packaging departments too.